Tuesday 15 September 2009

Traditional Irish Music from Galway and Clare (1977)

128 kbps

Bobby Casey, Gabriel McKeon, Raymond Roland, Liam Farrell & John Roe - Traditional Irish Music from Galway and Clare (Standfast Records - PINE 1216 - 1977)

Featuring musicians from the London Irish scene of the late 1970s, this is a lively recording made by the long defunct label Standfast Records. Three of the musicians, Raymond Roland (Accordion), John Roe (Piano), and Liam Farrell (Banjo), were members of the group Le Chéile, recently re-formed in the absence of the late Messrs. P.J.Crotty and Raymond Roland. They are joined on this album by West Clare fiddle master Bobby Casey, and by Dublin piper Gabriel McKeon.

1. Dowd's/The Ewe/Come West Along the Road [Reels]
2. Patsy Touhy's/The Green Fields of Rossbeigh [Reels]
3. The West Wind/Toss the Feathers [Reels]
4. Carrickfergus [Air]
5. Jenny's Welcome to Charlie/The Skylark [Reels]
6. Paddy's/Cooley's [Hornpipes]
7. Captain Rock/Murray's Fancy [Reels]
8. The Graf Spey [Reel]
9. Toss the Feathers/The College Groves [Reels]
10. The Maid of Castlebar [Reel]
11. The Drunken Gauger [Set Dance]
12. Lord Gordon/Trim the Velvet [Reels]
13. The Road to the Golleen (The Humours of Tullycrine) [Hornpipe]
14. Lord McDonagh (Lord McDonald's)/Ballinasloe Fair [Reels]


  1. Great stuff! Its interesting to hear Bobby Casey in an ensemble rather than the more usual (for me). He clearly modifies his style quite a lot to fit in, but then I suppose he would have to...


  2. That should have been '(for me) solo setting'. B.

  3. To the proprietor of this blog, a heartfelt thanks for offering so much amazing music, to which otherwise I would have no access. I am especially fond of the music from Clare and East Galway. If you should ever to encounter any recordings of the concertina player John Naughton, I would be greatly in your debt, or, more so than I am already ;)

  4. You're very welcome Séan. I'll keep my eyes and ears open.

  5. Thanks so much I've been searching for Bobby in the Cow House but to no avail this will be good now as Bobby was my teacher