Tuesday 23 November 2010

First Takedown Notice

I received my first takedown notice today - informing me that one of the posts featured in the 'P' section of the Artist Index & Video Vault constituted an infringement of copyright. Helpfully, the specific post wasn't actually indicated...

If the employee of IFPI who sent the Copyright Complaint Notice to Google would like to be a bit more specific, I could probably save you future time and effort by removing anything else that infringes the copyright of the record companies your organisation represents, and by making sure that when I post the 'P' section of the Artist Index & Video Vault again, the offending link has been removed.

Best wishes,


(By the way, anybody who has a legitimate commercial, legal, or artistic interest in either the copyright or moral ownership of any of the recordings or videos posted on this blog, can contact me directly at pashadragutreis@yahoo.co.uk to arrange for the offending items to be removed.)