Sunday 23 October 2011

Lucy Farr - Heart and Home (1991)

128 kbps

Lucy Farr - Heart and Home (Veteran - VT 123 - 1991)

A very tasteful unaccompanied recording of the brilliant Ballinakill fiddle player Lucy Farr, released to coincide with her 80th birthday. She is joined on several tracks by a concertina player, probably Roly Brown, who recorded the album. He also wrote a long and interesting article describing Lucy Farr's life and musical influences, which you can read here.

There are also a number of interviews with Lucy Farr which have been preserved in the Sound Archive of the British Library, which you can listen to here.

Reg Hall recorded Lucy Farr playing a number of tunes, which are also preserved in the British Library Sound Archive. They can be downloaded as a single file here. Many thanks to BS for putting this together (and, of course, the hard-working and wonderful people at the Sound Archive itself).

1. Within a Mile of Dublin [Reel]
2. John Naughton's/John Blessing's [Jigs]
3. Sliabh Aughty [March]
4. The Fisherman's Lilt (The Kerryman's Daughter) [Reel]
5. The Regent (The Boys of the Town)/The Killimor [Jigs]
6. Paddy Fahey's [Reel]
7. Packie Byrne's [Jigs]
8. Gan Ainm [Fling]
9. The Kilnamona [Barn Dance]
10. Frank Downey's [Hornpipe]
11. Stepping Stones/McShane's Rambles [Jigs]
12. Lucy Farr's [Reel]
13. Paddy Fahey's [Jig]
14. The Pullet and the Cock (Drag Her Round the Road) [Reel]
15. The Ballinakill [Polka]
16. Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine/Tomgraney Castle [Hornpipes]
17. Andy Davy's [Reel]
18. Pat McMahon's [Jig]
19. The Hunter's Purse/The Hare's Paw [Reels]
20. Sonny Comer's [Fling]
21. Terry Teahan's/Gan Ainm [Polkas]
22. McGovern's [Reel]
23. Martin Kirwan's [March]
24. Pat Burke's [Jig]
25. The Ragged Hank of Yarn/The Maids of Mitchellstown [Reels]

Once again I have used a piece by the wonderful painter Jane Ridout for the album cover. Her paintings of a number of traditional musicians are quite exceptional, and they are available to view here.