Sunday 28 August 2011

Fluters of Old Erin (1990)

48 kbps

Various Artists - Fluters of Old Erin: Flute, Piccolo & Whistle Recordings of the 1920s & 30s (Viva Voce - 002 - 1990)

1. John McKenna & Michael Gaffney
2. Gardiners' Sligo Traditional Trio
3. Tom Morrison & John Reynolds
4. Tom Morrison & John Reynolds
5. Stephen Moloney & Tommy Whelan
6. Tom Doyle & Michael Cashin
7. Peter Guinan
8. Dan Sullivan's Shamrock Band
9. The Rosaleen Quartet
10. William Cummins
11. Paddy Finlay & Michael Coleman
12. The Fingal Trio
13. John Sheridan and His Boys
14. John Sheridan and His Boys
15. Tommy Breen
16. Dan Sullivan's Shamrock Band

A series of 78 recordings from the 1920s and 1930s, put together and released on cassette by Harry Bradshaw in 1990. Unfortunately, the bit-rate here is ridiculously low, so modern compression artefacts detract from the already technologically limited sound quality. Nonetheless, it's a valuable recording, and a great source for anybody interested in the sound of traditional Irish music in the United States during this period. There is some lovely playing here, and great techniques that have long-since ceased to be used by most traditional Irish musicians. Be prepared for typical 1930s piano accompaniment...

The cover features an old photograph of John McKenna and Michael Gaffney.

1. The Five Mile Chase/The Duke of Leinster [Reels]
2. The Cork/The Quarrelsome Piper [Hornpipes]
3. The Sweet Flowers of Milltown/The Boys from Knock [Schottisches]
4. The Dunmore Lassies/The Manchester/The Castlebar Traveller [Reels]
5. The Pipe On The Hob [Jig]
6. The Kerry/The Shannon Shores [Reels]
7. Off To California/The Liverpool [Hornpipes]
8. My Darling Asleep/Yesterday Morning [Jigs]
9. The The Newport Lass/The Hag With The Money [Jigs]
10. Dwyer's [Hornpipe]
11. Lord McDonald/Miss McGuiness [Reels]
12. Brian Boru's/The Return From Fingal/Brian the Brave [Marches]
13. Bradley's Favourite [Reel]
14. The Black Rogue [Jig]
15. Eileen [Set Piece]
16. The Blackberry Blossom/Bonnie Kate [Reels]