Friday 18 June 2010

Josephine Keegan - Reels, Jigs, Hornpipes, Airs (1980)

320 kbps

Josephine Keegan - Reels, Jigs, Hornpipes, Airs
(Outlet - SOLP 1040 - 1980)

One of five of Josephine Keegan's solo fiddle albums on which she double tracked her own piano accompaniment. There is some lovely playing as well as a very nice selection of tunes.

1. The Kylebrack Rambler/Gerry Cronin's [Reels]
2. The Queen of the West/Hasberry Howard [Hornpipes]
3. Cronin's Rambles [Jig]
4. Sliabh Geal gGua [Air]
5. Dancing Eyes/Eddie Kelly's [Jigs]
6. Music in the Glen/The Lass of Ballintra [Reels]
7. The Square of Crossmaglen/Coolderry Bridge [Reels]
8. To the Waters and the Wild/The Hazel Wand [Hornpipes]
9. The Lark in the Morning [Jig]
10. An Buinnean Buidhe [Air]
11. The Pear Tree/The Stranger [Hornpipes]
12. Jimmy McBride's [Reel]

Forthcoming digital re-release...

Sunday 6 June 2010

Jim McKillop & Mary Mulholland - The Wind that Shakes the Barley (1976)

320 kbps

Jim McKillop & Mary Mulholland - The Wind that Shakes the Barley
(Emerald Gem - GES 1151 - 1976)

A straightforward fiddle and piano album from the Antrim fiddler and accordion player Jim McKillop who had, rather surprisingly, only been playing fiddle for around four years when this album was recorded. The playing is calmer and less fiery than that on the recording made with Josephine Keegan on the Outlet label, and his lovely crisp and bouncy style shines through without any of the sometimes excessively-virtuosic fireworks that can be heard on the better-known Outlet album.

1. The Shaskeen/The Pigeon on the Gate [Reels]
2. The Rambling Pitchfork/Jerry's Beaver Hat [Jigs]
3. Across the Fence to the Neighbour's Wife [Hornpipe]/Jimmy McBride's [Reel]
4. The Gold Ring [Jig]
5. Miss McLeod/The First Month of Spring [Reels]
6. The Wind that Shakes the Barley/The Boys of the Lough [Reels]
7. The Sunny Banks/The Flax in Bloom [Reels]
8. Carmel Mahoney Mulhaire [Reel]
9. Rakish Paddy/Jenny's Welcome to Charlie [Reels]
10. The Wise Maid/Farewell to Ireland [Reels]
11. Andy McGann's/Strike the Gay Harp [Jigs]
12. The Salamanca/Providence [Reels]
13. Lord Gordon's [Reel]
14. Byrne's/Murphy's [Hornpipes]
15. The Skylark/The Fisherman's Island [Reels]
16. Miss Monaghan/The New Policeman [Reels]
17. McMahon's/The Flowing Tide [Hornpipes]