Friday 9 July 2010

Paddy Taylor - The Boy in the Gap (1970)

320 kbps

Paddy Taylor - The Boy in the Gap: Traditional Music from Limerick and Clare (Claddagh Records - CC8 - 1970)

A number of people have requested this album, and as there is no sign of it being made available from Claddagh Records in the near future I will post it here for the time being...

Lovely playing from the West Limerick flute player and composer of a number of well-known tunes. I believe this is the first album of Irish traditional music recorded exclusively on the flute...

1. Paddy Taylor's 1/Paddy Taylor's 2 [Jigs]
2. An Páistín Fionn [Air]
3. The Banks Of The Illen [Reel]
4. The Tailor's Twist/The Loughill [Hornpipes]
5. Morrison's/The West Limerick/Hanley's Delight [Polkas]
6. Raghadsa is mo Cheatai [Air]
7. The Hag With the Money/Fasten the Legging [Jigs]
8. Rocking The Cradle [Air]/The Priest in his Boots [Jig]
9.The Bunch of Keys/The Sandmount [Reels]
10. Hinchey's Delight [Jig]
11. The Boy in the Gap [Jig]
12.Taylor's Fancy/The Limerick [Single Jigs]
13. Tiarna Mhuigheo [Air]
14. The Fairy Queen [Hornpipe]
15. The Fermoy Lasses/The Five Mile Chase [Reels]