Friday 18 September 2009

Tommy Healy & Johnny Duffy - Memories of Sligo (1978)

This album is available to buy from Topic Records.

Tommy Healy & Johnny Duffy - Memories of Sligo (Topic - 12TS335 - 1978)

Tommy Healy and Johnny Duffy are musicians of the old South Sligo style, heavily influenced by both the recordings of famous émigrés Paddy Killoran and Michael Coleman, and the music of the dance halls and kitchen dances for which they played in their youth. The tune selection here is very much representative of the Sligo repertoire, with several notable exceptions, in particular 'The Lancers', derived from Spagnoletti's La Dorset, an early 19th Century piece originally published as Figure 1 of 'The Original Lancers' Quadrille', and 'Mrs Kenney', a lovely mazurka named after a 19th Century fiddle player from Dublin. They are accompanied on piano by Reg Hall.

1. The Tarbolton/The Longford Collector/The Sailor's Bonnet [Reels]

2. The Wandering Minstrel/Fasten the Legging/The Smash (Coleman's Cross) [Jigs]

3. The Rights of Man/The Honeysuckle [Hornpipes]

4. The Boys of the Lough/The Devils of Dublin [Reels]

5. The Scotsman over the border/Tell her I am [Jigs]

6. The Montua/The Happy Days of Youth [Reels]

7. Fred Finn's [Reel]

8. The Lancers [Jig]

9. The Gold Ring/Richard Brennan's Favourite [Jigs]

10. Miss McLeod/The Wild Irishman [Reels]

11. The Old Grey Goose [Jig]

12. The Humours of Lissadell/Sweeney's Dream [Reels]

13. The Cavan Lasses (Coppers and Brass)/The Rose in the Heather [Jigs]

14. The Enchanted Lady/The Holy Land [Reels]

15. Mrs Kenney [Mazurka]

16. Martin Wynne's 1/Martin Wynne's 2 [Reels]

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