Saturday 19 September 2009

Roger Sherlock - Memories of Sligo (1978)

128 kbps

Roger Sherlock - Memories of Sligo (Inchecronin - INC 7419 - 1978)

A beautiful recording of Sligo-born flute player Roger Sherlock, subtly accompanied by Mary Conroy on guitar. Sherlock's tune selection seems a fairly accurate representation of North Connaught musical tastes, with reels predominating, followed by polkas, and only one set of jigs. The most interesting tune selection is the eleventh track: two well known slip jigs played in 3/2 time, in the style of north-east English triple hornpipes. Rarely heard in Irish music, these are the elusive and, now, contentiously-titled hop jigs known throughout Ireland before the decline of the triple hornpipe as a popular dance tune in the late-Eighteenth Century.

1. The Turnpike Gate/The Killavil Fancy [Reels]
2. Dowd's 9/Jack Maguire's [Reels]
3. The Duke of Leinster/The Duke of Leinster's Wife [Reels]
4. Morrison's/The Trip to Sligo [Jigs]
5. Fred Finn's/The Sailor on the Rock/Gan Ainm [Reels]
6. The Return of Spring/The Mountain Spring [Polkas]
7. The Queen of May/Anderson's [Reels]
8. The Pinch of Snuff/The Ships are Sailing [Reels]
9. The Dairymaid/The Rising Sun/Tom Billy's/Callaghan's [Reels]
10. The Galway Rambler/The Boys of the Lough [Reels]
11. The Foxhunter's/Comb your Hair and Curl it [Hop Jigs]
12. The Lads of Laois/Mama's Pet [Reels]
13. Dash to Portobello (Seán Ryan's)/The Pigeon on the Gate [Reels]
14. Tripping to the Well/The Kiss Behind the Door [Polkas]
15. The Flowers of the Red Mill/The Sreetplayer [Reels]



  1. Thank you! I've been looking for this album for ages.

    Any chance of your finding Donncha O'Briain's whistle album? I'd love to hear that too.

  2. No worries. Keep an eye on the blog - I'll be re-posting this at 320 kbps at some point. If I find O'Briain's album I'll post it...

  3. This is a fantastic album! Excellent flute playing. thanks!!