Tuesday 29 September 2009

Seoda Ceoil 2 (1968)

Séamus Ennis, Seán Keane, Seosamh Ó hÉanaí & John Joe Gannon -
Seoda Ceoil 2 (Gael Linn- CEF022 - 1968)

Gael-Linn intend to re-release their entire back catalogue, so I have removed the download link. Sorry about that... The folks at Gael-Linn tell me that both Seoda Ceoil 1 & 2 will be re-released towards the end of next year, so that's good news.

The second of the Seoda Ceoil series produced by Gael Linn and Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann, featuring Dubliners Séamus Ennis and Seán Keane, Connemara Sean Nós singer Seosamh Ó hÉanaí (Joe Heaney), and Westmeath box player John Joe Gannon, whose selection of tunes provides a welcome glimpse into the musical heritage of the county. He recalls that single jigs were as popular in Westmeath as double jigs and reels when he was a young man in the late 1930s, and he plays a number of tunes learned from his father, James Gannon of Streamstown. Seosamh Ó hÉanaí's selection of Sean Nós songs from Connemara are a powerful testament to his reputation as one of the finest singers in the tradition, and Séamus Ennis and Seán Keane, in no need of introduction, are also on top form in this very traditional recording.

1. Séamus Ennis – Cois Abhann na Séad [Air]/O'Callaghan's [Hornpipe]
2. Séan Keane – The Oak Tree [Reel]
3. Seosamh Ó hÉanaí – Amhrán na Páise [Song]
4. Séamus Ennis – Miss Monaghan/The Flags of Dublin/Hand me Down the Tackle [Reels]
5. John Joe Gannon – James Gannon's/The Castlebar Races [Jigs]
6. Seosamh Ó hÉanaí - D'Éirigh mé ar Maidin [Song]
7. Seán Keane – Jenny's Welcome to Charlie/The Connaught Heifer [Reels]
8. Seán Keane – The Wind that Shakes the Barley/Kelly's Drowsy Maggie [Reels]
9. Séamus Ennis – Crónán na Máthar [Air]/T'Athair Jack Walsh [Jig]
10. Seosamh Ó hÉanaí – A Chailín Bhig na Luachra [Song]
11. John Joe Gannon – The Green Gates/Miss Thornton [Reels]
12. Seán Keane – Willie Clancy's/Garret Barry's [Jigs]
13. Séamus Ennis – Colonel Frazer/The Braes of Busby [Reels]
14. John Joe Gannon – Tom Moran's Fancy/The Streamstown Jig [Single Jigs]
15. Séamus Ennis – O'Keeffe's Speed the Plough/The Merry Blacksmith/The Music of the Forge [Reels]


  1. Wow! Terrific blog! I'm definitely adding you to my blogroll.

  2. Thanks very much. The more the merrier...

  3. A friend of mine overheard a conversation at one of the Newport (RI) folk festivals: Heaney was introduced from the stage as one of the very greatest of sean-nós singers, whereupon a fellow in the audience said "Holy shit! That's Joe, my doorman!"

  4. Joe Heaney was the doorman at a Manhattan cooperative. Merv Griffin lived there. Griffin was planning a visit to Ireland and asked Heaney for suggestions for traditional Irish music spots. Heaney suggested O'Donoghue's in Dublin.

    Merv Griffin visited the pub and noticed that a large picture of Heaney was behind the bar. Merv Griffin exclaimed "that's my doorman". The publican answered that Heaney was the greatest sean nos singer. Merv Griffin on his return to America booked Heaney for an appearance on his TV show.