Tuesday 22 September 2009

Jimmy Power - Irish Dances Recording Sessions (1967)

128 kbps

Jimmy Power - Irish Dances Recording Sessions (1967)

These are the original recording sessions from Jimmy Power's album 'Irish Dances', which, unsurprisingly, was intended to provide accompaniment for dancing, something that is obvious from the plodding pace of the set dances and hornpipes. Reg Hall provides the piano accompaniment on all tracks except that on Dowd's Favourite, where the piano is played by Paul Gross. Power was often employed to provide music for dance competitions, something he is said to have described as 'one of the most tiresome tasks in the field of Irish music'. He is well-known as one of the hosts of the legendary session at The Favourite in Holloway, and is one of the musicians featured on the album 'Paddy in the Smoke'. This collection of recordings includes the material that was to appear on the Clan Records album 'Irish Dances' (233 003), and a number of other recordings that didn't make it. The set dances and hornpipes are slow and ponderous, but much of the other material is brisk, and Power's light and staccato style is quite lovely.

Many thanks to KR for providing this material.

1. The Doon/Rakish Paddy [Reels]
2. The Irish Girl [Slip Jig]
3. Kitty Come Down from Limerick [Slip Jig]
4. The Hunt [Set Dance]
5. Contentment is Wealth/T'aithar Jack Walsh [Jigs]
6. The Poppy Leaf (Keane O'Neary's) [Hornpipe]
7. Planxty Dury [Waltz]
8. The Maid Behind the Bar/The Bunch of Keys [Reels]
9. Dowd's Favourite [Reel]
10. The Pipe on the Hob/The Cliffs of Moher [Jigs]
11. Bonaparte's Retreat [Set Dance]
12. The Derry [Slip Jig]
13. The Idle Rogue/The Westmeath [Jig]
14. The Drunken Sailor [Hornpipe]
15. The Sport of the Chase [Slip Jig]
16. Martin Wynne's 2/Never was Piping so Gay [Reels]
17. Coleman's/The Promenade [Hop Jigs]
18. Garret Barry's/The Knights of St Patrick [Jigs]
19. Planxty Davis [Set Piece]
20. The Four Courts [Reel]
21. The Gold Ring [Jig]
22. The Piper through the Meadow Straying [Set Dance]
23. When Sick is it Tea you Want?/Do you want any More? [Jigs]



  1. Love the Laughing at the end. My dad's name is Jimmy Power! I don't think he ever played fiddle though. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for giving access to all this great and unavailable traditional Irish music. If you ever get a chance to post the album by Donncha O'Briain with title of the same name I would be really interested. I have heard that he was a great musician and have been keeping an eye out for his music but have never been able to find any of his recordings. Thanks and keep up the great work.

  3. You're welcome. The Donncha Ó Briain album was recorded on the Gael Linn label, and they're in the process of re-releasing all of their old material, so keep an eye open and it will be available on CD before too long. There's no actual projection at the moment, but it will be coming out again.

  4. The Donncha album is hard to track down. I've been looking everywhere on the net for ages to find it, even on eBay, but with no luck.