Monday 14 September 2009

Denis Murphy - Music from Sliabh Luachra (1995)

128 kbps

Denis Murphy, Julia Clifford, Pádraig O'Keeffe, Andy McGann, Johnny O'Leary & Séamus Ennis - Music from Sliabh Luachra (RTÉ 183 CD - 1995)

Compiled from recordings made by RTÉ between 1948 and 1969, and unfortunately out of print, it features a number of famous Sliabh Luachra musicians, as well as the Irish-American fiddler Andy McGann, and piper and collector Séamus Ennis. Sound quality is variable, as is to be expected, but the playing is, of course, nothing less than brilliant. Of particular interest is the Sliabh Luachra style rendition of 'The Turkey in the Straw', and the fluent sligo style duet between Murphy and McGann, as well as the array of beautifully played slides and polkas.

1. The Humours of Lisheen/The Lark in the Bog [Jigs]
2. Cronin's [Hornpipe]
3. The Humours of Galteemore/O'Keeffe's Dream/The New Post Office [Reels]
4. The Star Above the Garter/Pádraig O'Keeffe's [Slides]
5. Caoineadh Ui Neill [Air]
6. The Honeymoon [Reel]
7. Tarrant's/The Blue Ribbon [Polkas]
8. Breeches Mary/The Tenpenny Bit [Jigs]
9. The Mountain Road/The Dairymaid [Reels]
10. Denis Murphy's/The Green Cottage/Quarry Cross [Slides]
11. Fitzgerald's/O'Callaghan's Low [Hornpipes]
12. The Turkey in the Straw [Reel]
13. The Green Cottage Set [Polkas]
14. The Harlequin/The Chancellor [Hornpipes]
15. Apples in Winter/Fanning's [Jigs]
16. The Scartaglen/Denis Murphy's [Polkas]
17. Art O'Keeffe's/Dawley's Delight/Quarry Cross [Slides]
18. The Woman of the House [Reel]
19. Caoineadh Uí Dhómhnaill [Air]
20. The Mug of Brown Ale/The Rose in the Heather [Jigs]
21. The Pretty Girls of the Village/The Piper's Despair/Jim Kennedy's Favourite [Reels]
22. The Humours of Mountcollins/Chase me Charlie [Slides]
23. O'Callaghan's [Hornpipe]


  1. I can't believe this is no longer available. It came with extensive notes, almost a small book, and my usual source insistent I buy the CD, rather than copy it, in order to get these. I'm glad I did. There was a similar CD dedicated to Padriag O'Keeffe, but no sign of one to Julia Clifford.


  2. I would love to have a copy of the notes, and will appreciate any suggestions as to how one might go about obtaining them.


  3. I'd love to get hold of them too. Unfortunately I copied this from a friend who only had a rip of the original, with no liner notes either...