Monday 14 September 2009

Jimmy Doyle & Dan O'Leary - Traditional Music from the Kingdom of Kerry (1977)

128 kbps

Jimmy Doyle & Dan O'Leary - Traditional Music from the Kingdom of Kerry (Shanachie 29007 - 1977)

A lovely recording of very traditional playing by two musicians from Gibb, near Killarney, made in 1977, and sadly still unavailable on CD. There are no reels at all, and only one set of double jigs - the rest of the album consists almost exclusively of Kerry slides and polkas played with the strong rhythmic emphasis on the backbeat characteristic of the Sliabh Luachra region. It is very clear from their sparse, unobscured style that these musicians are of that generation whose music was played, at least publicly, for purposes of dancing, rather than for simply the pleasure of listening.

1. The Blue Ribbon Set [Polkas]
2. Murphy's [Slides]
3. Baile an Tsanhradh/Weaver's Delight [Polkas]
4. The Last Chance [Polka]
5. Brosna Slides
6. Cronin's [Single Jig]
7. Murphy's Delight/Charley O'Leary's Favourite [Polkas]
8. Listry's/Chase me Charlie [Slides]
9. Doyle's Favourite/O'Leary's Favourite [Polkas]
10. Art O'Keeffe's/The Goulin [Slides]
11. The Jib/The Bog Road [Polkas]
12. Pádraig O'Keeffe's [Slide]
13. Tom Billy's/The Thrush on the Strand [Jigs]
14. The Lakes of Sligo [Polka]


  1. Thanks for this Dragut. I was in Kinvara last weekend and stumbled across a session in Connolly's led by the mighty (in all senses) Brendan Begley. Not many reels played there either.

  2. Thanks for digitising another old LP that I have stored away but never get to listen to ...

  3. Is the label art by Robert Crumb?

    This album and many others on the Shanachie label are listed here:

  4. Good stuff - thanks for posting.