Friday 30 December 2011

Paddy Cronin - The Rakish Paddy (1975)

320 kbps

Paddy Cronin - The Rakish Paddy (Fiddler Records - FRLP 002 - 1975)

Recorded by Frank H.Ferrel in September 1975, this is an exceptionally rare (and now ridiculously expensive) recording of the famous Sliabh Luachra fiddler and flute player Paddy Cronin. He is joined on the record by Mary Irwin, who provides unexceptional vamped piano accompaniment, in accordance with the standards of the day. Nonetheless, it's a nice record, with solid fiddling from an exceptional player. The highlight of the album for me is probably Paddy Cronin's unique rendition of the Maid Behind the Bar, which he calls the Haymaker Reel. It's closely related to the variant of the Maid commonly played in C major, which is known as Jimmy McBride's. There is a nice clip of Paddy playing the East Kerry reel, The Girls of Farranfore, which you can watch here, and another where he plays The Girl Who Broke my Heart here.

1. Lucy Campbell [Reel]
2. The Humours of Ennistymon [Jig]
3. Eleanor Kane's/The Teetotaller [Reels]
4. Jenny's Welcome to Charlie [Reel]
5. The Glen Allen [Reel]
6. The Ballydesmond/Denis Murphy's [Polkas]
7. The Haymaker [Reel]
8. Drops of Brandy [Slip Jig]
9. The Drunken Sailor [Hornpipe]
10. The Green Fields of America/The Short Grass [Jigs]
11. Killaghbeg House [Reel]
12. The Bunch of Keys/The Steampacket [Reels]
13. Scully Casey's [Jig]
14. The Girls of Farranfore (The Game of Love ) [Reel]
15. The Congress [Reel]
16. Reavey's/The Old Maid at the Spinning Wheel [Jigs]
17. Crabs in the Skillet [Jig]
18. Tobín's Favourite [Jig]
19. Rakish Paddy [Reel]
20. The Gold Ring [Jig]
21. The Braes of Auchtertyre [Reel]


  1. Thanks for this. I've been listening to Paddy Cronin a lot recently - there are quite a few recordings on You tube. I love his playing and I've learnt quite a bit from watching his bowing, lovely and fluid and pulsing. I'm waiting for this to download, so I'll let you know what I think when I've listened to it!

  2. Wonderful. Bravo, and thanks.
    Any other Paddy Cronin vinyl in your collection?
    Music In The Glen on the Glenside label?
    House In The Glen on (I forget)?
    Later, Frank

  3. You're welcome. I only have some dubs of the old 78s on the Copley label, which are available here:

    I might at some point put them together as a single folder, but I don't really have that much time at the moment.