Sunday 23 October 2011

Lucy Farr - Heart and Home (1991)

128 kbps

Lucy Farr - Heart and Home (Veteran - VT 123 - 1991)

A very tasteful unaccompanied recording of the brilliant Ballinakill fiddle player Lucy Farr, released to coincide with her 80th birthday. She is joined on several tracks by a concertina player, probably Roly Brown, who recorded the album. He also wrote a long and interesting article describing Lucy Farr's life and musical influences, which you can read here.

There are also a number of interviews with Lucy Farr which have been preserved in the Sound Archive of the British Library, which you can listen to here.

Reg Hall recorded Lucy Farr playing a number of tunes, which are also preserved in the British Library Sound Archive. They can be downloaded as a single file here. Many thanks to BS for putting this together (and, of course, the hard-working and wonderful people at the Sound Archive itself).

1. Within a Mile of Dublin [Reel]
2. John Naughton's/John Blessing's [Jigs]
3. Sliabh Aughty [March]
4. The Fisherman's Lilt (The Kerryman's Daughter) [Reel]
5. The Regent (The Boys of the Town)/The Killimor [Jigs]
6. Paddy Fahey's [Reel]
7. Packie Byrne's [Jigs]
8. Gan Ainm [Fling]
9. The Kilnamona [Barn Dance]
10. Frank Downey's [Hornpipe]
11. Stepping Stones/McShane's Rambles [Jigs]
12. Lucy Farr's [Reel]
13. Paddy Fahey's [Jig]
14. The Pullet and the Cock (Drag Her Round the Road) [Reel]
15. The Ballinakill [Polka]
16. Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine/Tomgraney Castle [Hornpipes]
17. Andy Davy's [Reel]
18. Pat McMahon's [Jig]
19. The Hunter's Purse/The Hare's Paw [Reels]
20. Sonny Comer's [Fling]
21. Terry Teahan's/Gan Ainm [Polkas]
22. McGovern's [Reel]
23. Martin Kirwan's [March]
24. Pat Burke's [Jig]
25. The Ragged Hank of Yarn/The Maids of Mitchellstown [Reels]

Once again I have used a piece by the wonderful painter Jane Ridout for the album cover. Her paintings of a number of traditional musicians are quite exceptional, and they are available to view here.


  1. Great stuff! The British Library tracks are interesting - her playing seems to have a lot more vigour and presence, I can only assume that the cassette recording was done when she was past her prime really. Lovely playing though, not high on technique but with great rhythm. Bernie

  2. Here's the British Library recordings for those interested.


  3. Thanks. one of my all time favorites!

  4. I've just got a rogue email from you Dragut. Your machine may be 'infected'.

  5. Yeah, sorry about that Bernie...

  6. Bernie its great. Thnaks to share. I would know more about his. Can i ask one question? Please reply me. I am waitying your reply.

  7. Hello,

    I thought you and your readers would like to know that 'Heart & Home' (VT123DR) is finally available for download from all major digital retailers including iTunes and Amazon. There are quick links on our website and printable inlay, traycard and label pdfs for those who want burn it onto a CDR.

    Also available in the same way is VT125DR 'The Long Strand' which features Liverpool fiddlers, Sean McNamara, Eamon Coyne and Peggy Peakin. Again this was originally released in 1992 on cassette only.

    John Howson
    Veteran Records

  8. That's great news, John.

    Thanks for all your hard work over the years - it's much appreciated.

    All the best.