Friday 9 July 2010

Paddy Taylor - The Boy in the Gap (1970)

320 kbps

Paddy Taylor - The Boy in the Gap: Traditional Music from Limerick and Clare (Claddagh Records - CC8 - 1970)

A number of people have requested this album, and as there is no sign of it being made available from Claddagh Records in the near future I will post it here for the time being...

Lovely playing from the West Limerick flute player and composer of a number of well-known tunes. I believe this is the first album of Irish traditional music recorded exclusively on the flute...

1. Paddy Taylor's 1/Paddy Taylor's 2 [Jigs]
2. An Páistín Fionn [Air]
3. The Banks Of The Illen [Reel]
4. The Tailor's Twist/The Loughill [Hornpipes]
5. Morrison's/The West Limerick/Hanley's Delight [Polkas]
6. Raghadsa is mo Cheatai [Air]
7. The Hag With the Money/Fasten the Legging [Jigs]
8. Rocking The Cradle [Air]/The Priest in his Boots [Jig]
9.The Bunch of Keys/The Sandmount [Reels]
10. Hinchey's Delight [Jig]
11. The Boy in the Gap [Jig]
12.Taylor's Fancy/The Limerick [Single Jigs]
13. Tiarna Mhuigheo [Air]
14. The Fairy Queen [Hornpipe]
15. The Fermoy Lasses/The Five Mile Chase [Reels]



  1. Some comments from Facebook friends:

    "nice tunes for flute players::"

    "great tunes Andy,real trad,nice and simple,not over complicated like the modern stuff,must get me DADGAD tuned geetar out and give them a blast"

    "haven't really heard much of his music cept first 2 jigs.."

    "Pass them on to Big Mervyn !"

  2. Brilliant album - thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi Dragut, I have a questions (hope it's not of any bothering)

    I read Ciaran Carson's Last Night's Fun and in the very first chapter he mentions a Joe Colley record produced in 1975, called just 'Cooley'. Do you know if it is the same record Claddagh Records released (recorded in 1973, aldo called 'Cooley')?

    And well, I must recommend this Carson's book for everyone who did not read it yet. A beutiful "set" of chronicles and poems about irish music and the many things that surrounds it.

    Thank you,


  4. Hi Tiago,

    Yeah, that's the one - it was re-released a few years ago as Claddagh CEFCD044, and it's fairly easy to get hold off. Great album...

  5. Hi Dragut
    Can you tell me if this is legal? Are there any issues with copyright?

  6. Hi Tom,

    I think you'll have to answer that question yourself, but there are issues, certainly. I haven't been issued with any take-down notices, despite the actions of certain individuals who like to make the law of copyright their personal business. This blog is an experiment, and I am surprised it has lasted this long to be honest. The fact is that copyright owners and musicians don't care as much for the details of copyright law as a certain type of anonymous internet lurker who, lacking autonomous power, attempts to aprropriate some of the power of the law vicariously. Mostly by writing whining emails to musicians and music companies who, fortunately, care very little about this sort of thing...

    As far as the Paddy Taylor LP goes, it was legally available for download for a short while - information as to why it was taken down has been unforthcoming, and if I am contacted in an official capacity, requesting the take-down of this album, I will comply without hesitation.

  7. Yes, I think that if any harm is done to musicians and record companies in websites like this, it is not of any relevance facing the benefits of sharing the music (sharing culture) with people that otherwise will never get to know the music that is shared.

    For an instance, if here in Brazil, or in Argentina or Uruguay, there are a good number of people listening to irish music today, learning how to play the whistle, the fiddle, uillean pipes and evening organizing sessions, it's without any doubt due to what websites like this can offer. I think, without commiting to any "romantic" way of looking at serious questions, that it is of a clear and solid contribution to musical education and to culture what websites like this does.

    I think common sense must prevail here. The benefit is wider and clearer than the harm.

    All the best,


    P.S..: Thanks for the tip. I shall look for the Claddagh Records' Shop when in Dublin (I'm also very interested in the wonderful catalogue of DVDs they have there!).

  8. Muchas gracias por tu esfuerzo,Dragut. No prestes atención a las personas amargadas y envidiosas. Yo, desde Colombia, en un pequeño pueblo, he gozado intensamente con la música que me regalas. Un abrazo afectuoso.