Wednesday 3 March 2010

Terry Teahan & Gene Kelly - Old Time Irish Music in America (1977)

320 kbps

Terry Teahan & Gene Kelly - Old Time Irish Music in America
(Topic - 12TS352 - 1977)

Recorded by Mick Moloney in 1976, the album features Kilkenny-born C#/D accordion player Gene Kelly, and Terry 'Cuz' Teahan, a melodeon player who was a native of Gleanntán in Co. Kerry. Teahan's name will be familiar from a number of polkas and slides associated with his playing, and a number of compositions, including the fling 'The Man from Gleanntán' which he composed in honour of Pádraig O'Keeffe, his one-time teacher at Gleanntán National School. Most of the tunes are played on their own, with a few sets from the unusual accordion playing of Gene Kelly, who admits to possessing a 'totally haphazard' approach to bass acompaniment... Many of the tunes will be well-known, particularly to those who are fond of music from Sliabh Luachra, but the settings are often unfamiliar, granting a glimpse into the dance music of the region in the 1920s. More information can be found in the original liner notes, which are included in the download.

1. Gene Kelly – The Corner House/The Broomstick [Reels]
2. Terry Teahan – Tom Looney's [Slide]
3. Terry Teahan – Reagan's [Slide]
4. Gene Kelly – The Sweep's/Hennessey's [Hornpipes]
5. Terry Teahan – The Kerry Mills [Barndance]
6. Terry Teahan – Mike Howard's [Polka]
7. Terry Teahan – The Bird's [Hornpipe]
8. Gene Kelly – Blind Mary [Air]
9. Terry Teahan – The Barrel Organ [Slide]
10. Terry Teahan – The Evening I Spent with Mick [Slide]
11. Terry Teahan – The Paper Plate [Slide]
12. Gene Kelly - Fahey's/Gerry's Beaver Hat [Jigs]
13. Terry Teahan – The Lonesome Road to Dingle [Slide]
14. Terry Teahan – Mickey Chewing Bubble Gum [Polka]
15. Gene Kelly – Seán Hayes/If There Weren't Any Women in the World [Barndances]
16. Terry Teahan – Tadgh's Ailment [Hornpipe]
17. TerryTeahan – Going for Water [Slide]
18. Gene Kelly – The Old Caubeen [Story & Air]
19. Terry Teahan – Tadgh and Biddy [Waltz]
20. Terry Teahan – Poll Ha'Penny [Hornpipe]
21. Terry Teahan – Paddy Kenny's [Polka]
22. Gene Kelly – Father O'Flynn/The Connaughtman's Rambles [Jigs]
23. Terry Teahan – Jack Mitchell's [Polka]
24. Terry Teahan – Gan Ainm [Sword Dance]
25. Terry Teahan – The Road to Gleanntán [Fling]
26. Gene Kelly – The Swallow's Tail/Miss McLeod [Reels]



  1. Thanks always:)

    but i got CRC error on "08 Blind Mary [Air].mp3".
    please fix the link.

    thanks again :)


  2. Thanks again! I have a cassette with the Terry Teahan tunes from this which always meant to digitise - this saves me the work!

  3. Many thanks, lovely music!

    I have just some trouble with the track 8, I can't extract it...
    But you make a great job.

  4. I've re-uploaded the whole file. Let me know if there are any other problems.


  5. It uncompressed fine for me. Lovely record.

    I like a lot of the sliabh luachra's traditional music (as well as the "american sliabh luachra's music"). The variety of dances and styles amuses me.

    I did never heard about a "fling" I must confess (and the one on the record is dedicated to Pedraig O'Keefe!) - and I must also confess that I thought that the "story and air" on the record would also be another kind of dance called "story" followed by an air (no, it is just a story followed by an air lol)

    All The Best,Tiago.

  6. Much thanks, Dragut. Have hunted after this LP for years.

  7. You're welcome.

    Funny you should say that KLR, I was hunting it for ages, then somebody gave me their spare copy at a session, completely out of the blue! Then that night when I got home, it was up for auction on Ebay...

  8. Hello,

    I've just stumbled upon your blog - so brilliant, I have been looking for some of these albums for years - the ones that I knew to exist! Appreciating!

  9. Hi. I just discovered this site, but the link seems to be dead. Is the album still available somewhere?