Thursday 18 February 2010

Brendan McGlinchey - Music of a Champion (1974)

128 kbps

Brendan McGlinchey & Mary Mulholland - Music of a Champion (Silver Hill Records - PSH 100 - 1974)

Armagh native Brendan McGlinchey recorded this album on Finbar Dwyer's Silver Hill label in 1974 after moving to England in the late 1960s. More information about his music can be found here, in a piece by Brendan Taaffe, in which McGlinchey describes life as a young musician in Armagh, the development of his playing while on the road with bands in Ireland and amongst the emigré community in London, as well as explaining the surprising fifteen year hiatus in his playing which was to begin only four years after this album was recorded. For a less-polished, unaccompanied recording of McGlinchey's playing made in 1973 look here.

You can also listen to McGlinchey playing 'The Job of Journeywork' with Michael Rooney here.

1. Splendid Isolation/Lawrie's [Reels]
2. Whelan's/Paddy Taylor's [Jigs]
3. Across the Fence to the Neighbour's Wife/The Gate to the West (The Acrobat) [Hornpipes]
4. The Floating Crowbar/McKenna's [Reels]
5. Banish Misfortune/The Trip to Sligo [Reels]
6. Music in the Glen/Rakish Paddy [Reels]
7. The Galway/Paddy Fahey's [Reels]
8. The Tosspot (The Queen of the West) [Hornpipe]
9. The Fisherman's Island/The College Groves [Reels]
10. The Drunken Sailor [Hornpipe]
11. The Knocknagow [Jig]
12. The Liffey Banks/The Shaskeen [Reels]



  1. This is so exciting, its still downloading and I can't wait, the most anticipated download ever! I had a class from Brendan at Willie Clancy week one year and he is amazing - so thank you so much for making this available!

  2. Yes! Lovely stuff! I am a great fan of Brendan since I saw him play in 1993 in Glenties after his break.

  3. You're both very welcome.


  4. I never bought this when it was available, I think the suit put me off! Great to hear it now - thanks

  5. Fantastic!!!

    Never thought I'd live to hear this bounced from earth to heaven and back again so I could listen to it.

    Bless all your positive comments...even the one about the suit!

    Brendan McGlinchey (Still Fiddling)

  6. Very happy to hear from you, and thanks for all the great music and lovely tunes.

    All the best.

  7. They removed it :( can you put it up again? I've really really really been wanting to find this!

  8. Ok, I've fixed it properly now. Sorry about that.

  9. Wow cool. I may have played this old record one time after purchasing it in Ireland. I just played it again. Yes the suit kind of turned me off but again - great great playing.