Sunday 17 January 2010

John Doonan - At the Feis (1978)

320 kbps

John Doonan - At the Feis: Irish Traditional Dance Music in Strict Tempo (Topic - 12TS368 - 1978)

Recorded by Bill Leader in 1977, this is the second album from Newcastle flute and piccolo player John Doonan. Some of the tunes have become what many would consider to be overplayed, but Doonan's setting of both The Kesh and Morrison's are worth a listen, and the set dances are particularly nice.

1. Jackie Coleman's/Paddy Cavanagh's/John Brennan's [Reels]
2. Any Old Jig Will Do/The Butterfly [Slip Jigs]
3. Rodney's Glory [Set Dance]
4. The Idle Road/The Frost is All Over/The Black Rogue [Jigs]
5. The Spalpeen's Lament [Air]
6. The Kesh/Morrison's/Old Joe's [Jigs]
7. The Shannon Breeze/The Heathery Breeze/The Green Fields of America [Reels]
8. The Blackthorn Stick [Set Dance]
9. Hurry the Jug [Set Dance]
10. Rub the Bag [Set Dance]
11. The Blackbird [Air & Set Dance]
12. Spellan the Fiddler/The Rights of Man [Hornpipes]
13. The Irish Washerwoman/Father O'Flynn/The Lilting Fisherman [Jigs]



  1. Thanks for this:)
    But I got CRC error when I extract track.10
    could you please fix the problem?

    thanks again

  2. The Black Rogue tune is the Battering Ram I think

  3. No, it's definitely not the Battering Ram, which is a well-known jig in G major. It seems that this tune is known as The Black Rogue in O'Neill's, so it's fair to say that there is more than one tune by this name. The one I know is based on a very old song in Irish, so it's fair to assume that it has a number of permutations. We live and learn...

  4. I've uploaded it again, so let me know if there's still a problem.


  5. I've always loved my vinyl of this album--nice to have a digital version. Thanks!

  6. No problem at now.
    Thank you very much :)