Sunday 13 December 2009

Seán McGuire - Irish Traditional Fiddling (1969)

320 kbps

Seán McGuire, Roger Sherlock & Josephine Keegan - Irish Traditional Fiddling (Outlet - SOLP 1002 - 1969)

One of the vast numbers of recordings made by the Ulster fiddle maestro and innovator Seán McGuire, and re-released on CD shortly before the collapse of the Outlet label in 2004. Here he is accompanied by the wonderful composer and piano accompanist Josephine Keegan, and as an added bonus there are two tracks by the sligo flute player Roger Sherlock. McGuire's classically-inspired style is not for everyone, but it is difficult to be entirely unimpressed by the sheer virtuosity of his technical prowess, and both McGuire and Sherlock are masters of the unexpected variation, bringing lovely innovations and surprising intervals to well-known tunes. This rip was made from what was obviously a much-played LP and subsequently the sound quality has deteriorated somewhat, generating a small amount of distortion in the upper frequencies.

1. Speed the Plough/Tom Ward's Downfall [Reels]
2. Reavy's/The Ravelled Hank of Yarn [Reels]
3. Casadh an tSugain (Twisting the Hay Rope) [Air]
4. Slievenamon [Hornpipe]
5. The Duke of Leinster/The Duke of Leinster's Wife [Reels]
6. The Boy in his Pants [Jig]
7. The Dairymaid/The Holy Land [Reels]
8. Jackie Coleman's/Roger's Fancy [Reels]
9. The Gold Ring [Jig]
10. Se Fearr Mo Mhuire [Air]
11. Andy McGann's/The Humours of Scarriff [Reels]
12. Mama's Pet/Mama's Pet [Reels]
13. The Banks [Hornpipe]
14. The Humours of Ennistymon/Brendan Tonra's [Jigs]

Forthcoming digital re-release...


  1. Keep the recordings coming! They are awesome!
    Thank you so much!

  2. The Andy McGann tune is recorded on the album "The Funny Reel" with Joe Burke, Andy McGann and Felix Dolan - they call it "Andy McGann's" and as he is playing it himself I would guess he didn't have another name for it!

    Sorry I don't recognise the Reavey tunes.

    I enjoyed the recording, thanks for posting it.

  3. Can't wait to give this one a listen...McGuire wouldn't be my favorite but he's amazing nonetheless!

  4. The second Reavy's is the Ravelled Hank of Yarn. I think it's traditional, rather than a Reavy composition.

  5. Thanks for the great recordings!!

    I think the "first" Mama's Pet is actually an unusual version of The Galway Rambler. Part B of the "second" Mama's Pet is also unusual.

  6. I have heard this recording previously and on most of the tracks, i.e. the ones which are nor solo, you could here both roger and sean! in this case all I can hear is sean which seems a bit odd...either theirs something wrong with the sound on my computer or roger has been stricken from the record so to speak

  7. Interesting... I have no idea to be honest. Maybe someone else can explain it...

  8. It's a pity...because it's a brilliant recording of the TWO together. In fact it's one of the best flute and fiddle duos.