Saturday 12 December 2009

Cathal McConnell & Robin Morton - An Irish Jubilee (1970)

320 kbps

Cathal McConnell & Robin Morton - An Irish Jubilee (Topic - 12T290 - 1976)

An unusual album from two of the original members of The Boys of the Lough, recorded in 1969, about two years before the band was formed. Many of the ballads have their origins in Ulster, home of both McConnell and Morton, who are from Fermanagh and Antrim respectively. This album, with arrangements of flute, concertina, whistle, voice and bodhrán, will not be to everybody's taste, but there are a number of fine songs, as well as many lovely tunes, the most interesting of which is 'The Blue Angel', a composition of the Belfast pianist Liam King, and a tune which has in recent years re-emerged as a session tune under the title of 'The Flying Crowbar'.

1. Nil se 'na La (It's Not Yet Day) [Air]/The Humours of Winnington [Jig]
2. The Hiring Fair at Hamiltownsbawn [Song]
3. Three out of One [Hornpipe/Jig/Reel]
4. Matt Hyland [Song]
5. The Dusty Miller/McDermott's [Slip Jigs]
6. On the Banks of a River Near Blackwatertown [Song]
7. McNamara's (Connie O'Connell's)/The Blue Angel (King's Fancy) [Jigs]
8. The Gauger's Song
9. Gather Round the Fire/Brereton's [Reels]
10. Mary from Murroogh [Song]
11. Tiocfaidh an Samhradh agus Fairsing Feir (Summer Will Come with Plenty of Hay) [Air]/Planxty Reynolds [Waltz]
12. Thousands are Sailing to Amerikay [Song]
13. Caoineadh Ui Dhomnaill (Lament for O'Donnell) [Air]
14. The Irish Jubilee [Song]/The Glass of Beer/The Longford [Reels]



  1. Thanks for this one!
    But Track13 is corrupted.
    Could you please fix the link?

  2. I haven't played this album in ages. Thanks for saving me the effort of trying to track it down in my far too cluttered basement!

  3. I've re-uploaded the album, so it should be ok now. Let me know if the problem's still there. Cheers.

  4. Thank you very much for re-upload :)

  5. Thanks very much for this (and all of the other recordings as well - great stuff!)... On the subject of Boys of the Lough, I don't suppose you've got a copy of the early Dick Gaughan album "Kist o' Gold"? I've been listening to a lot of "Coppers and Brass" lately and would love to hear some more early Gaughan but it's so difficult to track down now...

  6. You're very welcome - I'm sorry, I don't have anything at all by Dick Gaughan. I guess if you keep your eyes on some of the other folk sites doing similar things it might turn up. Happy hunting...