Monday 5 October 2009

Mick Hanly & Mícheál Ó Dhomhnaill - Celtic Folkweave (1974)

320 kbps

Mick Hanly & Mícheál Ó Dhomhnaill - Celtic Folkweave
(Polydor - 2908 013 - 1974)

An excellent album (despite the appalling title) and a precursor to Ó Dhomhnaill's work with the Bothy Band and Nightnoise. A number of the tracks will be familiar to fans of the Bothy Band, including 'The Hag at the Churn', 'An Bothán A Bhaigh Fionnghuala', 'The Banks of Claudy', and 'The Heathery Hills of Yarrow'. The album was produced by Dónal Lunny, and it would seem that he learned from some of the mistakes he made in the studio this time round. Track 10 in particular is a terribly bad mix, but on the whole the production is adequate, though it's certainly not up to the standard of the material he was producing just a year later. It would seem that the master tapes of this recording were destroyed in a fire at the headquarters of Polydor Ireland some time in the 1970s, and subsequently this album has never been re-released. It features a number of big guns from the 1970s scene, including several members of Planxty, and future members of the Bothy Band:

Mick Hanly – Guitar/Dulcimer/Voice
Mícheál Ó Dhomhnaill – Guitar/Voice
Liam O'Flynn – Pipes/Whistle
Dónal Lunny – Bodhrán
Matt Mollloy – Flute
Tommy Peoples – Fiddle
Declan McNeils – Bass
Triona Ní Dhomhnaill – Harpsichord

There are two pieces of mouth music in both Irish and Gàidhlig, songs in Irish and English, two Breton tunes, and only one Irish dance tune. 'No Love is Sorrow' was composed by the original members of Pentangle, and appears on their album 'Solomon's Seal'.

1. Bíodh Orm Anocht [Puirt-a-beul]/The Hag at the Churn [Single Jig]
2. The Bold Princess Royal [Song]
3. The Banks of Claudy [Song]
4. Éirigh's Ciur Ort Do Chuid Éadaigh [Song]
5. The Glasgow Barber [Song]
6. Songbird (No Love is Sorrow) [Song]
7. The Heathery Hills of Yarrow [Song]
8. Gan Ainm/Gan Ainm [An Droiou]
9. The Hiring Fair at Hamiltownsbawn [Song]
10. Bríd Óg Ní Mháille [Song]
11. An Bothán A Bhaigh Fionnghuala [Puirt-a-beul]



  1. Do you by any chance have the rare single with the alternate take of "Fionnghuala" on the B-side?