Friday 16 October 2009

Julia, John & Billy Clifford - The Star of Munster Trio (1977)

320 kbps

Julia, John & Billy Clifford - The Star of Munster Trio
(Topic - 12TS310 - 1977)

Recorded between 1964 and 1976 this album features fiddler Julia Clifford, sister of Denis Murphy, her husband John on accordion, and their son Billy on flute. Much of it was recorded around a single microphone in Eric and Lucy Farr's kitchen, so the sound quality isn't brilliant, but the quality of the music shines through, and Julia Clifford's playing is, as always, a thing of beauty.

1. Dublin Porter/The Mountain Lark [Reels]
2. The Lark in the Bog [Jig]
3. The Mountain Road/Paddy Cronin's [Reels]
4. The Ballydesmond/The Knocknaboul [Polkas]
5. Boil the Breakfast Early/Bunker Hill [Reels]
6. The Red-Haired Boy [Air]
7. The Crooked Road to Dublin/The Clare [Reels]
8. Bill Black's/O'Donovan's [Hornpipes]
9. John Mahinney's (Old Joe's)/The Leitrim Fancy [Jigs]
10. Grandfather's Thought/Madam if you Please [Hornpipes]
11. The Chicago [Reel]
12. Napoleon's Retreat [Set Dance]
13. Connie the Soldier/The Humours of Glin [Jigs]
14. The Palatine's Daughter [Air]
15. Jim Mac's [Hornpipe]
16. Cherish the Ladies [Jig]
17. The Harlequin [Hornpipe]
18. The Old Bush/Within a Mile of Dublin [Reels]



  1. Wonderful stuff! While acknowledging the
    technical prowess of Casey, Canny etc.
    I think that Clifford is my favourite fiddler.
    'The Star Above The Garter' would perhaps
    be top of my Trad pops.

  2. Definitely, that's top of mine too. I'll be getting my hands on a copy of 'The Humours of Lisheen' before too long, with a bit of luck, and Gael Linn will be re-releasing 'Ceol as Sliabh Luachra' in the next few years, so that's another classic to look forward too...

  3. MERCI !
    est-ce que Lucy Farr a enregistré un LP solo ?

  4. Non, pas un LP, une cassette appelé 'Heart and Home'. C'est très rare.

  5. Merci beaucoup pour les downloads. Excusez-moi pour le mauvais français lol. (by the way lol...) J'aime les chants de la bretagne, 'gwerz' chants. Denez Prigent c'est un marveilleus chanteur!

    Je escuté beaucoup des 'Bagads' de la Bretagne aussi...Kevrenn Alre c'est meilleur qui la Bagad Kemper! lol

    Cheers (from Brazil) Dragut and mates , always taking a peep and learning from the Ceol Álainn :)!

  6. Thank you for posting these recordings!

    Any chance you would be able to put up some more stuff by Junior Crehan?

  7. You're welcome.

    I don't have much by Junior Crehan, but I can put something up, sure.

    If I don't get shut down, that is. I'm getting a bit of hassle from the self-appointed copyright police at the moment...

  8. Too bad. Hope that you can overcome that issue. A little of common sense and commitment with culture and education would do no harm to certain people.