Monday 14 September 2009

Ceol an Cláir (1978)

128 kbps

Bobby Casey, Joe Ryan, Junior Crehan, John Kelly & Patrick Kelly - Ceol an Cláir vol.1 (Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann - CL17 - 1978)

A very important and rare release from Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann compiled from recordings made between 1966 and 1978. It features five musicians whose playing exemplifies the various fiddling styles of West Clare. Sound quality is variable, as tracks were recorded on different media over a long period, but this is a truly magnificent album of unaccompanied West Clare fiddling from some of the masters of the tradition.

1. Bobby Casey - The Reel of Mullinavat/Tie the Ribbons [Reels]
2. Bobby Casey - The Drunken Gauger [Set Dance]
3. Joe Ryan - The Wheels of the World/Rakish Paddy [Reels]
4. Joe Ryan - Mo Buachaillín Bán [Air]
5. John Kelly - Mary Brennan's Favourite [Fling]
6. John Kelly - Seán Ó Duibhir a'Ghleanna [Air & Set Dance]
7. Junior Crehan - The Mist Covered Mountain [Jig]
8. Junior Crehan - Caisleán an Óir [Hornpipe]
9. Patrick Kelly - Danny Mescall's [Slide]
10. Patrick Kelly - The Salamanca/The Milliner's Daughter [Reels]
11. John Kelly - The Humours of Kilclogher [Single Jig]/Elizabeth Kelly's Delight [Slip Jig]
12. Joe Ryan - The Repeal of the Union/Toss the Feathers/The Maids of Mitchelstown [Reels]
13. Junior Crehan - The Kerry Woman's Lament [Story & Air]
14. Bobby Casey - The Gallowglass/Jimmy Ward's [Jigs]
15. Patrick Kelly - Drowsy Maggie [Reel]
16. Patrick Kelly - O'Connell's Farewell to Dublin [Set Dance]
17. Patrick Kelly - The Morning Star [Reel]
18. Patrick Kelly - The Foxhunter's [Reel]
19. Patrick Kelly - Banish Misfortune [Jig]
20. Patrick Kelly - The Bucks of Oranmore [Reel]
21. Patrick Kelly - Gillian's Apples [Jig]



  1. Thanks a lot for this - a replacement for my old, electrically corrupted cassette copy. This record should have been a pointer to things to come, but as usual in the world of IrTrad it was a one-off.


  2. This is a great album. Bobby Casey is playing at his very best!

  3. In English script, this should be written as "Ceol an CHláir".

  4. It's no doubt something of an embarassment to the Gaelgors at Comhaltas...