Wednesday 25 April 2012

Ceol as Sliabh Luachra (1982)

128 kbps

Julia Clifford & Billy Clifford with Manus Lunny - Ceol as Sliabh Luachra
(Gael Linn - CEF 092 - 1982)

An exceptional album, mostly featuring duets played by the Sliabh Luachra fiddle player Julia Clifford, and her son Billy. One of the album's most remarkable charms is the way in which Billy's flute matches exactly the rhythm, phrasing, and ornamentation of his mother's fiddle on the many sets of Sliabh Luachra slides and polkas that they play together. In many respects it is the way in which Billy plays the fiddle on the flute that makes his music here so distinctive and so wonderful to hear, and the closeness of the communication between the two musicians is truly exceptional. Together with The Star Above the Garter, and Denis Doody's Kerry Music, this is one of my all-time favourite recordings of Sliabh Luachra music.

You can watch Julia Clifford play the air 'The O'Rahilly's Grave', followed by two slides, here.

Many thanks to SJ for providing a digital copy of this album, after much searching.

1. The Moving Bog (O'Sullivan's)/The Green Cottage no. 1 [Polkas]
2. The Cat Rambles to the Child's Saucepan (Paddy Cronin's)/The Cullen [Slides]
3. Lomonach Cross/I'm Waiting for You [Reels]
4. Bill the Weaver/Paddy Lyons' [Jigs]
5. King Williamstown [Air]
6. The Sands/Corney Drew's [Hornpipes]
7. Neily Cleere's [Polkas]
8. The Knocknagree/The Kishkeam Lasses [Slides]
9. Johnny Spillane's Favourite/Darby's Cross [Polkas]
10. The Thrashing Reel/The Rabbit's Burrow [Reels]
11. The Killarney Wonder/Walsh's/The Gleanntán [Hornpipes]
12. Cuban Polka/Johnny Leary's [Polkas]
13. The Walls of Liscarroll [Jig]
14. The Heathery Glen [Air]
15. Art O'Keeffe's/Rain a Sup [Slides]
16. Din Tarrant's [Polkas]
17. Charlie Mulvihill's no. 2/Sheehan's [Reels]
18. The Gullane no. 1/The Gullane no. 2 [Polkas]
19. The Cobbler/Five Servants [Polkas]


  1. Thanks for posting, great music-keep up the good work.

  2. No bother - see you for a few tunes at the start of May, hopefully...

  3. Thanks for posting all this lovely hard to find Irish music. I've been look for some of this recording for 15 years!!!

  4. I know you are probably getting to the end of your posting but thank you so much for the music - you have opened my eyes to so many great tunes and recordings that would have been lost otherwise...

  5. I just wanted you to know that last week at Catskills Irish Arts Week, I told several people about your site. Every time, they alway knew and thought it was a great resource. So I thought you should know that even though there aren't a lot of comments, a lot of people appreciate your work.