Saturday, 2 July 2011

Youtube Channel

The blog now has a related Youtube channel, where I'm uploading some video clips of traditional Irish music which haven't been posted previously. I'm also replacing a few of my favourite Youtube clips with slightly better quality versions than those already posted. The videos found in the Artist Index & Video Vault will also be featured in the channel's Favourites section.

Clips just added include:

Donncha Ó Brian: Ní ar Chnoc nó ar Ísleacht [Air]/Finbarr Dwyer's [Reel]

Conal Ó Gráda: The Eavesdropper/Strop the Razor [Jigs]

Tommy Peoples: The Laird of Drumblair [Strathspey]

Michael Gallagher: The Jug of Punch/The Blockers [Reels]

Con Curtin: Off in the Morning [Reel]

Arty McGlynn: Peter Byrne's Fancy/Creeping Docken [Jigs]

Conor Tully, Seán Casey & Frank Hogan: The Pigeon on the Gate/The Drogheda Lasses [Reels]


  1. Great clips, and nice to see you posting again. Love the conor tully video; what a great, comfortable pace for the music! con curtain is a treat too.

  2. Yeah, that one was posted a while ago on clarebannerman's channel, but the quality was fairly poor, so I wanted to put a decent one up instead. There's another clip from the same session, which you can find here:

    There are two others with Conor Tully as well as Paddy Carty: