Tuesday, 23 November 2010

First Takedown Notice

I received my first takedown notice today - informing me that one of the posts featured in the 'P' section of the Artist Index & Video Vault constituted an infringement of copyright. Helpfully, the specific post wasn't actually indicated...

If the employee of IFPI who sent the Copyright Complaint Notice to Google would like to be a bit more specific, I could probably save you future time and effort by removing anything else that infringes the copyright of the record companies your organisation represents, and by making sure that when I post the 'P' section of the Artist Index & Video Vault again, the offending link has been removed.

Best wishes,


(By the way, anybody who has a legitimate commercial, legal, or artistic interest in either the copyright or moral ownership of any of the recordings or videos posted on this blog, can contact me directly at pashadragutreis@yahoo.co.uk to arrange for the offending items to be removed.)


  1. i love your site, its incredibly helpfull and so interesting, keep up the good work and feck the begrudgers

  2. You are doing The Irish Traditional Music community a great service by providing public domain music. Keep up the good work!

  3. Thanks guys. I wish it was public domain music but, unfortunately, this isn't actually the case, and I think it's important for people to be aware of that.
    The morality of this enterprise is entirely my own responsibility, and I am content that what I am doing is causing no harm to recording artists, or the record companies who 'own' the copyright to their music. I make a point of guiding people towards sources of legitimate commercial recordings whenever possible, and I suspect that my efforts to do so have influenced a number of copyright holders in their decisions not to initiate takedown proceedings when they are well within their legal rights to do so. Whether that is a false assumption only time will tell. In the meantime, enjoy the music...

  4. ...and the music is certainly being appreciated!

    Talking about 'public domain', I think it would be of great use if the government (not only the irish, but north-american or australian - who are also culturally and historically linked to it) bought the license for some of the these "classical" records.The costs would be quite reasonable and the benefit for musical education and culture quite clear.

    Downloads, illegal or not , are here to stay, so I think that would be a fair and interesting alternative, specially in the case of traditional music. It is people's heritage, better stay in public hands.

    Merry Christmas (or "Nollag" as I was told!) everyone!