Tuesday 6 October 2009

Bobby Casey - Taking Flight (1979)

320 kbps

Bobby Casey - Taking Flight (Mulligan - LUN 018 - 1979)

'Taking Flight' is an absolute classic. Recorded in 1977, this is the one and only commercially-available studio album made by the master fiddler from West Clare. Kevin Crehan has written an interesting essay on Casey, which you can read here, and there is a little more information on the CCÉ website, here. It is difficult to do justice to Casey's absolute mastery of the instrument: the complexity of his ornamentation, intonation, rhythmic control, the deftness of his improvisation, and simultaneously, his absolute fidelity to the melody of the dance tune or air. This is one of the best fiddle albums ever recorded.

1. Tuttle's/The Ragged Hank of Yarn [Reels]
2. Seán Ó Duibhir a Ghleanna [Set Dance]
3. Rakish Paddy [Reel]
4. The Drunken Gauger [Set Dance]
5. Down the Back Lane/Donnybrook Fair/Scully Casey's [Jigs]
6. The Graf Spey [Reel]
7. Poll Ha'penny [Hornpipe]
8. The Porthole of the Kelp/The Connaught Heifer [Reels]
9. The Dear Irish Boy [Air]
10. The Garden of Daisies [Set Dance]
11. The Nightingale/The Pipe on the Hob [Jigs]
12. The Old Bush/My Love is in America [Reels]



  1. Opps - I forget to leave thanks for this last night.
    Despite having lived in Ireland, played in traditional bands here in Canada, and several decades of attempting the fiddle I'm ignorant of the subtleties of regional styles...but this is a lovely album.

  2. Thanks for everything you've posted; I'm grabbing it all while I can, and I love it when people use MediaFire to share such wonderful music - with no bother of a limit or a wait time.

    I follow you entirely, that if the copyright is dead, and the holders do not re-release albums, then there should be no fault in fans sharing music that would otherwise go unheard of for ages.