Monday 6 September 2010

Father Charles Coen - Father Charlie (1979)

128 kbps

Father Charles Coen - Father Charlie (Green Linnet - CSIF 1021 -1979)

A slightly strange album in that it features two songs in Irish sung by a childrens' choir and directed by Father Charles Coen. Apart from that the music is sparse and unaccompanied, with the exception of the final tune, an unusual and particularly pretty 6/8 march on which Father Coen's concertina is joined by Mick Moloney on guitar. Father Charles also plays whistle and flute on several tracks. It's not in the same league as the brilliant album 'The Branch Line' recorded two years previously by brothers Jack and Father Charles Coen, but it features some lovely playing and some interesting tunes nonetheless.

'The Branch Line', featuring Father Charles Coen on concertina and Jack Coen on flute, can be purchased in CD form from Compass Records, and downloaded via Topic Records from Thinkindie. You will have to enter it into the search function to locate it. You can also download it from EMusic, Amazon and iTunes.

1. Tommy Meara's/Swinging on the Gate [Reels]
2. Gallagher's Frolics/The Templehouse [Jigs]
3. The Echoo/The Wonder [Hornpipes]
4. Ag Seoladh Na Gamhna [Air]
5. Paddy Fahey's/The Tynagh [Jigs]
6. An Londubh is an Chéirseach (The Blackbird and the Thrush) [Song]
7. Mike Coen's/Mike Coen's 2/The Flour Bag [Polkas]
8. Kitty Jones/Castlekelly [Reels]
9. Madeline's Frolics/The Foxhunter's [Slip Jigs]
10. Feach a Phádraig [Song]
11. Ambrose Maloney's/Richard Dwyer's [Reels
12. Tim Kelly's/John McMahon's [Reels]
13. An Cailín Rua [Song]
14. Parnell's [March]